Attack of the colly wobbles (ghoul infestation)


Attack of the Colly wobbles.

Over the past couple of weeks I have been hit by an attack of  the Colly wobbles..the ghouls have hit me hard and I have had to deal with a massive ghoul infestation within myself. I use many methods to protect myself from ghoul attack, a lot of which I have spoken about in my wrtitings..these do i am slightly concerned as to how many hundreds of thousands these creatures have managed to breach my defenses..this is the reason why my articles have not been as frequent knowledge and connection to god and the light has been swamped somewhat…in the past few days it got to what I think is the crescendo of the onslaught..and it looks like all the energy and protection techniques that I used has finally broken them and many thousands have been killed the rest are in retreat and I feel the light welling up back inside of me..I was aided in my battle by the healing and warrior forces of the light…and I am ever grateful for there help..I bow in humble reverence for assistance and send them my gratitude and unconditional love..the fall of the ghoul and darkness,s empire has begun in great earnest..and I urge every one of my readers to be vigilant, humble, loving and aligned to light and god…they have never let me down yet..and I can say with certainty, that if you are on the path to redemption and honour, they will not fail you either.

“Colly woobles…remind of jellies..only jellies are nicer and tastier.

Mya god bless you

Thank you

Kindest Regards



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