85% of mankind have swayed into darkness to one extent or another. Of this 10-15% have been corrupted so much that they could be classified as evil..Paedophiles, despot leaders, mafioso types, etc…When a soul becomes this corrupted , the ego basically becomes totally controlled by the ghouls of darkness, and swells out of control and believes it is indistrutable, those affected by this become cold,calculating, ruthless and maniacal in their actions and thoughts. they spout all kinds of BS and mostly blame other people or situations for their insane behaviour..their  have been truly evil people throughout history..corrupted by the darkness and its promises of power, and most of all its promise of safety from death. These dark souls still roam around and incarnate in willing souls continoulsy..this is the cycle of life, and until all of mankind has evolved enough, this will continue. Each time the forces of light win a battle, the world becomes a better place and more and more of us evolve more and more quickly, unfortunately this process is slow and mankind has had to endure much pain and agony during this process…the darkness is ugly and painful..evil  however leads us to a painful death.

Despite this constant war between good and evil, evil will never win, no matter how much the evil beings, creatures and humans try, they cannot gain control for long..what most people are unaware of is that god..who really runs the whole show, has imbedded in our dna and structure something I call “B.I.D.S” Built In Defense  System. This is designed as a safety mechanism to prevent evil ever winning the war. When a person becomes so corrupt he becomes evil , this bids gets triggered , and at some point in this persons life, the ego will become overloaded, and begin to short-circuit, when this happens the inner corruption begins to fry, and this reaction shows itself in our 3D reality as the ivory tower of person involved begins to collaspe..there world falls apart, they lose their power, money, or status. They often die in horrible ways, or commit suicide, or they become crippled with illness that will slowly kill them…those that cross the line between darkness and evil soon face a terrible karma. Darkness is a fundamental,part of our evolution, evil is not.

“I only use my bids at auction”

Love you all

Take care

Kindest Regards



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