Feng Shui


Feng shui

  I am no expert on the art of Feng shui but I do recognise it as a useful tool in understanding the flow of spiritual energy and gods life force. Indeed my encounter with the sorceress  Susan showed this when at first glance her living room looking ramshackle and cluttered, certain objects and pieces of furniture like mirrors and vases and flowers were expertly placed to allow the energy for her source of magic flow more easily.

In general always try to sleep with your bed facing north and away from the window. Walls that end in a triangular point often allow a bigger flow of energy into the room then one,s that are more square..triangular ones tend to be gateways to other dimensions..if you have triangular points, surround them with flowers and lavender plants..this will help keep the creatures of dark at bay. A few strategically well placed mirrors will help build an etheric force field as the light subtly bounces off of them.

Build a personal sacred oasis somewhere in you home..using candle,s and sacred icons, place them in a place with soft subtle golden light, that is airy and clean, and try to pray, reflect, meditate or listen to relaxing music as often as possible their. All these things help you connect to the life force and higher beings and aid you in protecting yourself from ghoul influences.

If you wish to get a truly proper understanding of the ancient art of feng shui, I recommend Denise Linn,s book “Feng Shui”..available from her website address..www.deniselinn.com

“funny its time for a spring clean now…beware dust and mites, gg,s about.”

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