Life in the hedgerows


Life in the hedgerows.

Look and listen, watch as you pass, can you hear it, can you see it, a sparrow,a caterpillar flowers,bees…its alive this is life in the hedgerows. nature and Gaia working and protecting, nurturing and loving, caring for its children..ladybirds,snails and robins all thriving..look again, open your mind and heart, focus your perception, see anything more..yes of course you do because this is the hedgerow.

See the colour, hear the giggling and laughter, watch the gaiety, and see the flapping wings. Fairies, pixies, sprites,and more all playing and having fun, gods creatures from the heavenly worlds, living and existing in harmony with Gaia,s creatures..this is the planet we live on..alive and buzzing, bright, colorful and bold, sensuous songs and wonderful  shrieks of joy and hilarity the tiny creatures enjoying this place of growth and and see them for this life in the hedgerow.

“Only cold and calculating people cannot see such things..can you? of course you can”

“I am thinking of making a TV soap called “The hedgerows”

Take care


Kindest regards



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