Purple: the Healing Color of Christ.


Purple: The Healing Color Christ.

Due to my recent “Attack of the collywobbles”..see article. My visions and journeys into the spiritual dimensions and etheric have been patchy and few-my output of articles has suffered , not only in quantity but in my usual substance-this has however improved over the past couple of days and things are improving.

One thing however has remained predominate throughout this 3-4 week period and that has been the constant sight and feeling of the color purple.…the highly evolved human St Germaine was given the power over this color as a gift for his dedication and commitment to purity and love. the Christ consciousness is aligned to this wonderful color and is in fact a tangible part of Christ himself as it contains all the healing powers of Christ himself. I am not quiet sure as how , but I think it has something to do with the vibrational level of the color. Purple is the fastest vibrating visible color of the rainbow, i believe this allows the high levels of  Christ,s healing pulsating power to be contained in it.

The purple color vibration is now much more vibrant, stronger and evident, because the ghoul infestation and contamination of mankind and this planet has been lessened, it can now enter our consciousness much more fluently and defined. We are entering or have just entered a time of healing and cleansing of mankind and the planet..for those of us that are on a path to awareness and redemption this gift of healing is there to use..visualize purple in meditation or trance , smell it, feel it and let it wash through and over your body , allow the healing color of Christ to do its work ..pray to St Germain and Christ and God and ask for the purple flame ..it will be there for you...more and more humans are being allowed to use the purple light of healing to heal others..rejoice and embrace this joyous delicate loving , healing color.

“I love the color purple,,the film was good to”


Take care

Kindest Regards



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