Spiritual value in Everything.


Spiritual value in everything.

Each decsion you make has a spiritual value and opens ups pathways that lead you either upwards, sideways or down. When making choices choose carefully try to avoid actions and thoughts that  draw negative karma towards you, or the attention of the ghouls too much. simply put there is spiritual value in everything you do..acts of love, compassion,kindness,honor, grace, humility and generosity, carry powerful positive spiritual value. Thoughts and deeds  like judgement, hurt, jealousy, revenge,greed and general disdain towards others, carry the opposite and will either prevent you from moving forward to higher spiritual grounds of safety or lead you downwards to the hell worlds and a darker destiny.

In order to prevent the current spread of evil and darkness..the forces of light need to wipe out the energies of corruption and contamination. Those that have high levels of spiritual value and compassion and  have chosen wisely the path they have taken, will have a better chance of survival and the more  of mankind that be saved  in this time of upheaval the better.

” I see value in everything…”


Kindest Regards



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