Life is never fixed..fluidity is the Key


Life is never fixed fluidity is the key.

The biggest problem that most people have is that they allow too much rigidity in their lives. Things have to fall into place nicely, work from 9-5 two weeks holidays a year, x amount of income, gym on Tuesdays,out with the lads Saturday, bills paid monthly etc. etc..if a hair is out-of-place our lives fall apart..we strive for safety and consistency at all times and when something goes wrong we panic and allow fear to come into our lives. We are basically afraid of change and  expansion and live in a 3D bubble created out of what is considered to be a civilised normal society..fed to us by the strict  structures laid down by the world ego and the ruling elite.

Life and our spiritual awareness and freedom is not dictated by rules and regulations and fixed routines that are laid down before us..the spiritual journey is thwart with danger and change and often frustration, but always fulfilling It is not fixed, it certainly involves some discipline, and commitment, but it never remains stagnant and is totally fluid. The more fluidity you have in your life the better. One of my old teachers taught me this by often making what at the time seemed impossible demand,s of me…but if i wished to learn and be taught more I had no choice but to comply. Be ready at all times to move at a moments notice, if need be. If the inner guide within you tells you to do something at a defined moment, then do it at that time, if you are told to be at someplace in a few hours, days, be there..if you are given specific instructions about acquiring something you need for your growth..purchase it, without question and if it cost more than you can something to get the money to purchase it..or pay for it.

Play the fixed routine when needed, it helps to keep you hidden among the crowd, but always be ready and willing to step beyond the limitations of tick tock control at a moments notice, fringe dwellers, warriors and spiritual beings move quickly and fluidly without question and fear…trust and belief and loyalty to spirit and god are the essential traits needed to do this..never think routine is is not..we are fed this grand lie in order to bring us in line and keep us locked into the matrix and its illusions of freedom and how great this system we live in is…moving when needed and required is the only way to break this illusion and control.

“Whenever I fix something, It never stays fixed for long..why I fixed a cupboard door in  my kitchen only two days ago and this morning it fell of its hinges again..My DIY is defiantly fluid and not fixed.2

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2 thoughts on “Life is never fixed..fluidity is the Key

  1. Perfect. Go with the flow. When we are in alignment with the Universe and our vibration high with our desires, everything comes rushing towards us, we just need to be ready to catch it all! 🙂

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