Revolving Doors

Hello Revolving Doors.

The  higher heavenly celeste realms are protected from darkness and evil gatecrashers. Most of these have a shimmering door through which one has to go in order to reach them, and they are often guarded by the spiritual essence of the wolf. It is the wolf’s spiritual duty to stand guard before these doors and prevent those of less than pure heart entry…it is a wonderful privilege and responsiblity given to these incredible animals and creatures of god and Gaia. Any soul who is in the least bit corrupt will be denied entry..this is the only way to prevent these realms from contamination, and the wolf,s presences is graceful, yet imposing and they do a wonderful job.

The lower realms have just a door, and seem unguarded, this is just a guise. they are in fact revolving doors that lead us back to the same place of matter how many times we try to enter, until we reach a level of simple purity, then entry magically happens..In my early days of spiritual adventure I was denied access to these revolving  door worlds time after time and I often wondered if I would ever make the journey..would I ever reach a state of purity that granted me access…This solitary act of rebuff is simply showing us that we need to purge our souls and purity ourselves a bit keeps out the souls who are not yet ready or open to corruption..and yet no door is truly barred to all…as you begin to purify yourself in human form..these lower level realms  dimensional doors will allow entry..but you have to show discipline, and determination and for the most part become more aligned to god. There is no set formula or criteria as such, anybody who is driven enough, and disciplined enough, through, compassion, love, humility and generosity, will if persistent not be denied entry..once one enters through their first will never go back to being the old you..this spiritual adventure and journey that mankind is on will take you as far as you wish to go..if you are prepared and willing and determined never to give up hope and believe in reconciliation of the our soul with spirit.

“have you ever noticed how all buildings of worth, like top hotels and stores have revolving doors..and are guarded by doormen…getting into them requires a certain look and ethic……easy peasy really.


Kindest Regards



3 thoughts on “Revolving Doors

  1. Which philosophy has the realms guarded by wolves? I know in Celtic myth it is often a hound that guards a door between the material and the underworld.

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