Warrior Women and Women of devout feminine spirit.


Warrior women and women of devote feminine  spirit.

History is littered with the life stories of the heroics and blessings of warrior women and holy females devoted to god and the feminine spirit. “Joan of Arc”..(1412-1431)..Boudica (Ad 47-Ad 61) “Mary Magdalene”St Theresa” (1515-1582). These four women are just two examples of each of the feminine aspect of  spirit..The Warrior woman and The Devout female . God is in essence a feminine energy and it contains both the warrior women qualities of leadership, strength,bravery and fighting prowess, as well as the humility, honor, love, compassion and healing qualities of the devout female.

Men need to align to this feminine energy more, and become softer and more gentler, women need to encompass all the feminine traits in a more rounded balanced way,…Jesus carried this pose in abundance,and although a man was in total alignment with the feminine source. The so-called “Womens Liberation ” movement of the 60.s the burn your bra brigade was essentially the moment in time when women were meant to find themselves and align with this energy..unfortunatly the idea got hijacked by out of control egotistic male basher,s and led many women down a path more aligned for men..as a consequence many young girls of today have lost their sense of femininity and have moved towards the more egotistical male way of life…A prime example of this was the female British prime minister Margaret Thatcher, instead of changing the old way of male self-destruction egotistical ideas, and bringing in more softer, feminine healthy ways..she in fact took British politics to verge of fascism and with the nasty traits of greed, selfishness, and coldness..women are such an important part in the resurrection of love and compassion and need to ditch this unhealthy male induced life style and realign with their much more healthy and enhancing female spirit..especially  women in the western world..Eastern women need to be liberated of the male domination over them…but the key is a balance of softness and strength…warrior women and devout female.women have no reason  to outdo men, that is pure bs and ego driven..they can do far more things than men are ever capable of..certaintly  more then I can do..go forth and do them and do them well , the time for a united mother is upon us..Gaia the earth mother goddess will embrace all of us..her feminine energy is pure and powerful.

“Men are just women with out the WO- and Males are just females without the Fe..simple really and I can live with that”

Love Love
Take care

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9 thoughts on “Warrior Women and Women of devout feminine spirit.

  1. I live in Colchester, and two women you mention in your blog have connections to my town: Margaret Thatcher used to live in Colchester, a few streets away from me; Boudica burnt Colchester to the ground.

    Another woman associated with Colchester is Helena, who was the mother of Roman Emperor Constantine. It was because of Helena that Christianity has spread across the globe.

    On Sunday I shall write about the female archetype in my next blog.

  2. Maybe you would like to visit my blog it is all about my journey to become a butterfly, a journey towards self. 🙂

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