Seeing the dark Fall

Seeing the dark fall


Seeing the dark fall

After many years of being hidden from most of ordinary mankind ..the once covert invisible shadow of darkness, is now being forced by the forces of light to show itself. Little by little we are beginning to see our leaders and others in their true the corruption and rotten tendencies of these dark agents and dark influenced souls begin to face up to their karma and fate.

The power base of the darkness that resides in the  controlled matrix around this planet is becoming corroded and weakened as billions upon  billions of nasty demons and ghouls have been taken out in etheric spirit worlds. Vast armies of light led by spiritual warriors,gods,goddesses,angels,animals and a few humans..have forced the dark forces into retreat.

As the core of the darks power in the inner collapses..the power of those that think they run the show here on earth becomes more exposed, as their protective layer of invisibility is gradually falling apart, they can no longer hide themselves behind the great lies. We are seeing the dark fall before our very eyes, in recent months Mubarak and Gaddafi have fallen,Syria looks next, Bellosconi ..known as the great survivor has gone, Corruption has been uncovered in the world bank and imf…Lachlan Murdoch has quit News International..France, Germany, and other EU leaders are bickering and in turmoil. America is under severe financial pressure as the truth becomes known of their debts and dodgy dealings. China, Japan,Greece,Spain,Italy,Portugal,are all bankrupt…the fall is everywhere..we dont have far to look..the light of god is showing us political and world corruption..Keep your cash at hand,passport safe and be ready to move at a moments the meantime relax and watch the dark fall.

I feel quiet light watching the up …its great watching them fall over themselves.

I send love and honour to you all.


Kindest Regards


2 thoughts on “Seeing the dark Fall

  1. This is getting scary. I heard the news this morning about UK’s recession as well. 😦
    I pray my family and me can stay afloat, in the light.

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