Flipping the mind and alternative reality.


Flipping the Mind and alternative reality.

In order to break through the restrictive and society controlled matrix that keeps us imprisoned and controlled, you have to learn to flip the mind to the existence of the myriad of alternative realities that exist beyond our preconceived thinking. Beyond the glitz, and showy and ego built ivory towers of the life we see, lie  a whole wealth of other realties and dimensions that show us the truth and open us up to who we really are, and more importantly align us with the true spirit of gods energy and awareness.

In order to show you the two perspectives and how different they are I am using the above Necker cube as a simple example. Most of mankind’s thinking and therefore the reality of this  controlled 3D worldthat we see is seen from the perspective  of inside the Necker cube..from the view point of the red circle with blue squares in front and the yellow square at the rear..this is the reality of the world as we think it is…now try this..with a simple flip of the mind bring the red square to the top of the cube so that you can see outside the box..seeing still  both blue sides. but this time 3 yellow sides as well..this trains the mind to see beyond 3D..as you are seeing the complete picture , and beyond..instead of just a tiny fragment of reality that is fed to you

This simple exercise used frequently with spiritual disciplines will help take you beyond the mundane and see things you never though possible.

I am always flipped..I think if your nose runs and your feet smell..you are built upside down”

Love you all

Take care

Kindest Regards



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