Death of the world Ego.


Death of the world Ego.

In orderf or the heavenly light to prevail, the world Ego has to die. All the ivory towers that man has built for himself has to fall, the higher your tower the more difficult the fall. Those that have built their ivory tower  on Greed, power,control, violence and lies will be wiped away in the earth cleansing.  Those that have no tower of very small ones have a better chance of survival. The more compassion, humility,truth and love you have the smaller your tower will be.

There are too many humans that still think this financial and money system is right and will lAST FOREVER…it will not,it is heading for total collapse and with it widespread turmoil for mankind. Gaia and gods cleansing will be complete, the reality of our 3D world will collapse around us and only those of us that are on the road to redemption will have a chance of is very difficult to gauge time in the inner worlds and visions can sometimes be extremly hard to pinpoint time wise..but if I had to make an accurate guess I believe that within ten or so years, we will be living in a completely different society in every way..this current reality is rotten and infested with evil, and cannot last against the forces of light and purity that are stacked against it..there is a war going between the forces of light and purity and the forces of corruption and evil.

The fightback against this corruption and evil began in earnest at the turn of the millennium, and the forces of dark have been wiped out in the inner worlds in their billions, has this has happened the so-called solid structure of our 3D bubble realty has been rocked..the core of the world ego has taken a huge knock and the masses of ghoul infested humans that have held control over this system are feeling insecure and more frightened than order to maintain their ego based super status they will try to exert a vice like fascist grip of control over us..i ask you to begin or if you already are move down or further down the road to redemption..streamline you lifestyle..less is more…want nothing..need little and hop aboard the bus to purity and love.

“The bus tickets are on special offer at the moment…buy none..get one free.”

Love Love

Kindest Regards



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