Old Age Versus New Age

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Old Age versus new Age

A few years ago a friend of mines great-uncle celebrated his 90th birthday. During his life this man had some incredible things, as a young man he was a pirate in the South China Seas, his adventures and exploits of this time would wow you..his knowledge, wisdom fighting prowess and courage was second to none-He has led a full life experiencing more in 15-20 yrs then most people do in a lifetime.

His sons and daughters and grandchildren loved him very much. He was looking forward to his birthday party very much, and although 90 he still had all his faculties and liked to have fun. The party got underway, all the family were there eating,drinking,chatting and generally having a good time.

This grand elder statesman now being in his twilight years  and was determined to enjoy himself at HIS birthday party..he went to the bar and got himself a bottle of his favorite rum and in traditional pirate tradition began to drink it out of the bottle..he had barely taken 2-3 swigs when several family members came rushing over and fussing dreadfully they took the bottle from him amid cries of “Take it easy dad”,”what do you think you’re doing?” “too much drink will kill you” “don’t over do it “etc etc…Smiling the old man stood his ground and in a firm voice said “enough..do not fuss..it is my Birthday, I am 90 today and I will do what I choose..I dont care if I die today or tommorow..as long as I am having a good time..why do you young people always fuss and try to stop other older people having fun..I think at my age I have earnt the respect to be able to enjoy my birthday party as I see fit.”

This is so true..although his family thought they were acting in his best interest and in love..they were in fact infringing on this mans rights..an older man who simply wanted  to enjoy himself regardless..simple really..we can be so selfish sometimes.

The older people in life have tremendous wisdom and experiance..and have earnt the right to live out their remaining years in any way they see fit..Horray I say.

Forget about the New Age..Old age is the way to go.

Take care

Kindest Regards



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