Shhh…silent power.


Shhh..silent power.

In some ways I owe this article to fellow blogger Teekay 16 and her last blog..Just blog. True spiritual power lies in the silent strength of oneself, we tend to talk far too much and often for no reason. nearly all spiritual power and growth comes through silence..the more silence and stillness we have in our life the more we are able to listen, feel, and understand our own fears and darkness.

Never say you are going to do something..unless you are going to or have already done..this weakens your stance and leaves you vulnerable..never talk really excessively and always have a reason to talk…empowering talk is often something as simple as the things you might say when having yippee!..cop this johnny”..when  throwing a custard pie in a food fight..or yeeahaa..when swinging from a rope.

Gossip is the lowest form of talk, refrain from it if at all has no value and disrespect others. It is  mostly feed to us by people who are jealous, angry or resentful..or the controlled aspects of the media.or is the ghoul influences within ourselves at work.

When sitting in silence true meaning settles around you..trance and meditation stills and silences the mind allowing the spiritual essence to filter through to us. Decide to do something silently with the mind..then do it within a specified time..there is no real need to tell anyone..until it is done..then you do not have to make some excuse for not doing become known as person who good for his word and deeds..always keep certain stuff to yourself..remain slightly mysterious..nobody needs to know everything about you..this silent information empowers you allows you options in your life.

Silent power gives you the edge and the element of surprise when dealing with people who mean you harm or a man or women of few words..practice silence…try and go a whole day once a month without saying anything to anyone..just be, breathe love and work through silently any observations or thoughts you may have…ditch the mobile phone, turn off the TV..abandon the newspapers, and walk and sit in nature alone for the whole will see what I mean.

“My speakers are off, whilst writing this, so i am not talking to you….”

Love as ever

Take care



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