A Fringe Dwellers Guide to the Inner Worlds


A Fringe Dwellers guide to the Inner Worlds.

You fringe dwellers might find this useful.

Beware of Misleading Signposts: Skyway 33 leads to heaven.

Places to stay:

Lucy Four (Star) hotel. A halfway house to the hell worlds.

The Pilgrims Rest: A solid 2,00 year old converted stable, with original fittings..all the mod cons…bed a bit small.

The Avalon: A mist shrouded lodge, full of mystery.

Taverns of Note:

The Angel: Fine beer. Exceptional spirits.

The Brimstone: A Range of fiery strong beers, and tempting serving women.

The  Christ Knows: A warm light and healing place..fabulous wines..charming, funny,charismatic landlord.

Places to Eat:

Gaia,s finest: A charming vegetarian resturant..situated in a beautiful woodland setting..with fabulous waterfalls and wild flowers.

Pleased to meat you: A huge red building, wooden benches..a glutonous carvery of charred and grilled animal meats, eat as much as you like for a fixed price.

Kali,s wholesome Deli: a soft delicate place, serving wonderful food..cooked by 5 star chef Hin-du.


The (Near death) tube..non-stop to the next dimension..journey times vary.

Cherub Airlines: a new service, frequent and reliable flights to dozens of celestial destinations.

Levid Taxi services: Red and black Taxi service: One hell of a ride.

Pegasus and Unicorn drawn cabs: best form of licensed travel..no horsing around.

Places of Interest:

E-dens Garden: a wonderful place, please refrain from picking the flowers and eating the apples.

Satan’s Museum of Horror;..not for children.

Hall of Mirror (worlds):  A magical maze of mirrors, funny, weird, strange and odd.

The infinite wildlife park: See the white animals in all their majestic glory.

Public Service Numbers:

(fascist) Police: 666

Ambulances of Mercy: (3) 33

Hells Fire Brigade: (H) 4 (E) 3 (L) 5 (L) 5.

General Information:

Things are not always what they seem here. Time is different. All roads and doorways lead somewhere. guides are light-colored and wear a badge marked “Instincts”. In general travel is easy..visit everywhere..explore and learn…have a nice trip, and we hope to see you on a regular basis.

LOL..have fun.

Kindest Regards




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