Having been on a spiritual/etheric journey for over 20 years and experiencing the inner worlds and other worldly dimensions,and having read religious texts, and spiritual, mythological,and fantasy books, as well as trying to understand both dark and light magic, and practising, aromatheraphy, crystal healing,colour therapy, and dreams analysis, and attending many many workshops and lectures on spirituality and the occult..i finaly know that fact-asy exists..this is the boundary where mass proven fact and the not so sure fantasy flights of mankind meet.

From my own experiences I know that there is very little fantasy that does not have some sort of fact in it. What ever we can imagine is real and exists..particulary for the person who experiences such things. There  lie in the mirror worlds and inner dimensions many of the beings that are written about and of which films have been made. My life is such that I almost constantly live in this fact-asy midway point between our earth-bound reality and the realms of spirit..beyond this as far as I am aware is heaven..only the purist of us can return to this Zero point of exsistance..a reunion with the whole and our blessed creator.

I have personally seen many many creatures and animals and gods and demons that have been written about in fantasy, legend and myth..they are both beautiful and mysterious, some are hideous and deadly..makninds imagination is vast and stretches forth, its fingers probing the outer reaches of infinite realms and worlds..these beings and creatures are mostly misunderstood..the vast majority of mankind have yet to evolve enough to even begin to understand the reason of their own existence, let alone that of such so-called fantasy beings…knowledge is infinite and it is so true that “The more you know..the less you know”…utimately I still know nothing..and am humbled to do so..My respect for all beings and creatures..good, bad and indifferent is paramount.

“No you see me..now you dont..am i here or am I there..or am I everwhere…that is the question?”

Take care

Love you all

Kindest Regards



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