Pandora’s box was an artifact from Greek legend. It was the box given to the worlds first created women “Pandora”. The box contained all the evils of the world and Pandora was told not open the box under any circumstances. But as in life, curiosity and the wanting to know, prompted by the ego proved too much for Pandora and she open it. All the worlds evils flew out into the world,..the only thing that remained in the box was HOPE!.

This ancient legend reminds  me of how things are in todays world..our world leaders have open Pandora’s box upon us and all the worlds evils are buzzing around trying to bring down and control us. There is however one thing that cannot be taken from us and that is Hope..wether it be hope in god, Christ The Hindu gods ,Buddha, Mohammed,the fairy godmother,angels,spirit,or ourselves…as long as mankind remains hopeful and faces up to the dark in the strongest possible way..darkness will never totally prevail.

That great comedian Bob had plenty .

Love to all

Kindest Regards


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