My Simple guide to www.

My Simple guide to www.


Waiting, watching ,wandering.

The www. disciplines of waiting, watching and wandering are designed to help you along and understand your spiritual journey and growth.

  1. waiting:..this for me is the hardest one, I get itchy feet and want to start the 3rd discipline wandering early. but the discovery of knowledge is in essence a waiting game and being  patient is vital..sometimes you have to satisfy the guardians of higher awareness that you are ready for the information, or sometimes a certain criteria has to be met, before it is example might be that the information being imparted to you is personal to you, and the forces of light who are passing this on have to be sure that you are not one to go around blabbing about to everybody you meet. or you may have had to understand some prior piece of information given you, before receiving the next…practice waiting as a dsicipline..if you are determined and truly wish to redeem yourself  and are working on yourself the information will come.
  2. Watching: I watch the inner and our 3D bubble world constantly, and often in silence and 80% of the time alone..being a watcher is vital, always be aware and observe everything all the time..if their is something you see that you don’t understand..then guess what?…WAIT. Train yourself to see more than what is on offer, without asking questions or demanding answers..the ways of spirit wisdom and knowledge are very complex and can easily be misread..Watch, wait, watch again..
  3. Wandering: nearly all knowledge or information will require some form of action from you, most of it will require you to wander a may have to go another State, town, City, or country in order to fully grasp the meaning of what you visitng a sacred temple or meeting somebody who can explain it more to you..wandering in the countryside and nature is essential..the beauty of earth mother Gaia,s  spirit is a  much-needed gift that helps us learn love, compassion and beauty in its truest sense…be insticntive in your wandering…

This is my simple internet guide to www.

“My current watching was over yesterday, So I waited till today to write this and now I am wandering what day it is…lol”

Love you all.

fun fun

Kindest Regards



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