The fifth element


The Fifth Element


The fifth element.

Tetramorph..Greek word Tetra..(four )morph..(shape.)

A Tetramorph is regarded as a symbolic shape or arrangement consisting of four differing elements. It is widely used in Religion, ancient cultures and mythology. The most common in use are the Lion, the Eagle, The Ox and Man. The Zodiac (Greek meaning for animals) uses the signs of Aquarius (Man/angel) Leo the Lion, Taurus the Bull and Scorpio which was originally the Eagle..represent the beings around the throne of god..this is known as the fixed cross, and are the same beings as seen in the visions of St John when he was imprisoned at Patmos and formed part of the “Book of Revelations”.

The four elements are Fire, Water, Air and Earth..and are the four cornerstones in Alchemy. The fifth element plays a part in the structure of the Hindu religion.

In each example of a Tetramorph the four symbols surround a fifth element..a kind of master Christianity it is considered to be God or Christ…I beleive that the fifth element is more like that in the Bruce Willis film of the same that it is the feminine energy that is the missing piece..The predominate energy of god and Christ is female energy as depicted by the Madonna in christianity. Films like the fifth element, the Matrix and V for Vendetta make a big thing of this..the female is the main force holding everything together.

The goddess energy is what permeates strongest throughout is the glue holding everything in place in balance with the male yang..Jesus had to have female partner to help temper his yang mode. Shiva needs Shakti. Buddhas needs Tara. etc…the female energy is wonderful I love it.

I am in my kitchen cooking a cosmic dish right now..I am looking for the fifth element to give it that extra oomph.


Take Care

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