The matrix controlled prison.


The matrix controlled prison.

The film “The matrix” is a pretty accurate account of what is happening in todays spoon fed, controlled society, the makers of this film have either inadvertently or otherwise tapped into this inner information and portrayed it  on film. The central character “Neo” is a representation of the “Returned Jesus” and “Trinity” is the Feminine power of love and life. Our 3D reality is controlled by the inner ghouls and darkness who have government leaders and Bankers working for them..much like the “MR Smith” character. Mr Smith is in actual fact “The shadow Self”and Has to be overcome in order for the light to return. The few human warriors who have been  fighting  for us in the Aluna world are “Morpheus” and the crew of the “Nebuchadnezzar”

The light has vanquished a lot of the darks power base in recent years, and as the inner power base of darkness had began to deteriorate the effect on its agents have greatly been felt and affected, they feel frightened and scared,and this is causing them to throw caution to the wind and move toward an evermore fascist like world order. They believe that by controlling mankind they will  rule and live forever..their  ego,s fear death and, this drives them ever nearer to insanity and madness,and in the end they will be consumed by their own fires of hell.

More and more of Mankind have decide to take the red pill and move out of the  illusionary blue pill society and reality as we know it. The prison break is on, and as this society crumbles, more and more of us will scramble for the red pill and open themselves up to the embraces of the “Neo”..the Christ consciousness and the “Trinity”..the all encompassing  feminine power. It will be extremely difficult for many humans to stay sane and survive when the matrix collapses, open your heart, soul and mind..the red pill is waiting…it is the tunnel to freedom, compassion, love and the warmth of god.

“Come on you reds!!”

Love you as ever

Take care

Kindest Regards



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