Our Children

Our Children

Good Morning.

Our Children.

Our children are precious, a new-born baby  brought into the world is pure and innocent, as they try to take in the excitement and danger of a new place, a place in their eyes that is vast, cold and complex..after spending many months of incubation in the cosy safe and warm confined space of their mothers womb..being born must be frightening and this world of ours must be terrifying.

A baby is a wonderful creation, the forming of a new life , we must protect our children, they lose their innocence and playfulness far to quickly it seems they want to bypass childhood these days and be an adult ASAP. rushing headlong into a world that is changing dramatically. Children seem to think being an adult is cool and brings them freedom-lets be honest life as an adult is overrated, complex,stressed and rushed-why do children want to rush headlong into that.

Being childlike and taking responsibility  surely has to be a better way for our children to go..to retain that playful innocence and spiritual glow that they lose so quickly..that wonderful ability to have fun at a whim, explore life and remain curious. It is a parents duty to protect their children and part of that protecting is encouraging to be children and childlike. Society will not do that..it fact it seems to be forcing our children into adulthood quicker and quicker..it is not nurturing them, the forces of dark takes them far to young. We must not allow that.

In order to protect our children however we must be more aware ourselves, we need to have the perception and knowledge needed so that we can pass it onto our offspring at a young age. Children need to be guided gently along a more natural loving path. Encourage them to play in nature, understand birds,flowers,animals,climb trees, feed ducks, play with dogs..eat healthly (encourage vegetarianism and jelly and ice cream at an early age), laugh..while at the same time allowing them to make their own decisions, listen to your children, make time for them, they are more intelligent than we think. help keep them occupied..so they do not have to watch tv,play computer games or become addicted to mobile phones..I know this is hard to do ..but children must be protected from these life controlling influences..do it gently but firmly..all the while allowing them to be who they are..a speck of light needed in a dark world.

let your children earn any pocket-money and any treats,by doing some sort of work or deed, the only thing any child needs for free are Love, respect, loyalty and fun. Refrain from over-indulging them..be brave, refuse outright greed and demands that are society drivin…give them big hugs and cuddle daily, tell them you love them..the giving of toys, gifts,treats and designer stuff is only a superficial materialistic substitute for love and has no real intrinsic worth. let them play with the children of your friends who have similar wholesome ideas and views to yours..create a loving, humble,fun playtime atmosphere for your children.

When older encourage them in their chosen vocation..promote the idea of self-employment. Help keep our children free and protect  them  from the darkness..stand up and be counted and say to our leaders who do not have our children,s interests at heart  we want our children back…so the light in the world grows.

“hey must dash..mums playing with my rattle”…

Love you all

Take care



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