Healing Picture of Christ


Healing Picture of Christ

There hangs upon a wall in a dimension close by a glowing picture of Christ. he is sitting against a palm tree with purple leaves and a golden-yellow bark. A pastel  of tri-colours emit from behind him fading into the distance..lavender, silver and black. the Lord himself rest peacefully his back erect against the bark.

Christ,s hair flows freely in long white loose shimmering waves that go down past his shoulders, he is clean-shaven and has beautiful pale olive-green eyes..a simple radiant smile on his face eases any pain, anger or stress I might have. A warming soft translucent almost invisible glow radiates out from the picture..it encompasses everything and refreshes and heals everything it touches. those who see it are transfixed and mesmerised by its breath-taking beauty. You can see the wind, and smell the palm olive and sense the serenity and compassion of Christ.

Suddenly the picture is gone..the light is snuffed out..a shallow darkness descends…fully healed I was drawn from this dimension and back to bubble 3D having been blessed and touched by Christ. The Christ consciousness is immense, beautiful, compassionate, caring and really beyond words.

God Loves and heals..Jesus saves(with the holy bank of redemption)

Take care

Love and fun

Kindest regards



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