Understanding Animals


Understanding Animals.



Image 1: Wolf in the Mist       Image 2: Leanna angel of animals.

First let me point out that animals without doubt are far more spiritually evolved and aware then humans  ..if any of you doubt this then you probably need to climb down from your ego ivory tower and a bring a bit more humility and respect into your life.

Forget what you have been have been told, fed or think you know about animals, they are honorable, loyal simplistic creatures who ,s mother is the earth goddess Gaia. they are here to help us evolve, heal and protect us and their loyalty to this god given task is unquestionable despite the pain and hurt mankind inflicts upon them.

It saddens me to see how little understanding most of mankind has towards animals, they are beautiful creatures their presence on this planet make it a more wonderous place.


The more effort we make as individuals to understand the true stupendous spiritual nature of animals, the we will begin to see and understand their majestic beauty and how far up the evolutionary spiritual ladder they are. I am humbled by the sheer strength and power of their spiritual aura, it is breathtaking to see in the inner worlds..I am honoured to feel small and insignificant in comparison , and I know that I will never eat or harm another animal again.


Image 3: Earth mother Gaia.

Gaia is the animals goddess, Leanna is their angel, and the Lion of Judah is their Christ consciouness…they fight for us in the inner worlds, keeping the ghouls at bay and guarding many of the entrances to the heavenly realms protecting them from ghoul infiltration. they have wonderful healing abilities particularly Horses, Cats, and Dogs our more domesticated animals..with a little love, compassion,and understanding , they can heal us of many aliments.

Image 4: The Lion of Judah.

If you deliberately eat or kill an animal you are causing much harm and pain to Gaia, and her pain is becoming insufferable, she wants her planet back and she is hardly going to take to kindly to those of us that are eating and killing her children, she is a compassionate and caring goddess, but enough is enough, the last chance to be saved in the coming turmoil is now!!…it is time to stop eating and killing this planets animals and turn to the love of Gaia..the karmic fate of those that do not..will soon be upon us.

Image 5: White horses in water.

Vishnu the Hindu god in his latest reincarnation as Kalki leads his warriors into battle on a white horse. The four horsemen of the Apocalypse are Red, Black,white and Pale or Green.

Image^; Hindu god Vishnu                         Image7: the four horses of apocalypse

There are the wonderful human horse whisperers who have a fantastic connection with the animal and can understand the horses , they are gentle, kind, compassionate people and I love them dearly.

There is so much more I could write on this subject and I will without doubt be writing more soon.

“Normally my voice gets horse, but fingers hurt from typing so much today”

I love you all

Take care

god Bless

Kindest Regards



One thought on “Understanding Animals

  1. All animals are better suited to live in this planet than we are. They don’t need clothes, cars, sewage systems, houses, schools, etc. We’re the ones that don’t fit.

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