The spiritual path and journey


The Spiritual path and journey.

The path of religion although can bring some serenity and belief to ones lives will  not take you that far down the spiritual path to perception,awareness, and enlightenment. religion contains too much dogma within and has been altered dramatically down the ages by the people who run it, and  most of the scriptures of any religion can be interpreted to suit the ego.  Without question however religious symbology and artifacts can be used to help you along the spiritual path, the cross for instance can be used as a focal point to draw upon the power of the Christ consciousness. any image of Mary can create a peaceful blessing setting, a statue of Buddha can bring calmness and oneness etc…In fact although I am not a christian, I know I follow the ten commandments of god in my 3D bubble reality environment ..that’s what they were designed for, making ours and other people’s lives better here on Earth..they are not really much help when it come to travelling the spiritual path and wanting to understand our true meaning.

In order to actually travel the path and journey towards redemption, understanding and enlightenment, you have to take personal control over your cannot be religious controlled..religon is fixed and full of demands, the essence of god and light is fluid, free  infinite and all-encompassing (macro) as well as personal (micro). virtually all spiritual perception and awareness lies within the inner realms, and not outside in 3D bubble reality. Most religions focus on prayer to the heavens or other similar places  and your  outwardly deeds..very few concentrate on the inner self..”Pray, Pray, Pray..ask for forgiveness and Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed, or Allah will take  care of you”..this is nonsense and will  not enhance your spiritual Awareness one personally have to take responsiblity for your own  inner spiritual journey and as you do so through Trance, meaningful prayer,and any other spiritual disciplines,you begin to access the inner knowledge that is available to us. Being able to see beyond the conventional and into the worlds beyond is where the path lies, the journey is two-fold, firstly it is being able to reach the inner path, then it is about travelling the path,..the travelling of the path is the true journey.

When on the path, that is when you gain true insights and the inner knowledge flows freely for you to learn, sometimes  it can take many months to understand one small piece of information, the journey is a combination of trial and error,you will make mistakes, but the disciplines of trust, determination,and humility will help see you through..many have given up on along the way, others have gone as far as they are meant to at this time, and some have gone much farther. 

The information that you seein the inner realms comes in the form of what is known as fractal codes. A fractal is a simple mathematic expression, that generates an infinite complex geometric shape. They were first discovered by the mathematician Benoit Mandelbrot (1924-2110). here are some image examples of what one might see.

Image 1: this the Mandel ~Fractual named after Benoit himself.

Image 2:This is known as the web fractual..when seeing ones similar to this, it leads you to another dimension..or a gate to another realm.

Image 3: this known as the phoenix.

The reason I am showing you these is to give you an idea fo what you might see in the inner will be shown what is relevant to you, and they will contain important information and knowledge pertaining to your personal journey , the journey of the planet, or even the destiny of others, be it nations, or people..each code may contain i,2, or even all three …or something else..I cannot know what you will be shown as an individual.

“I am playing with one of those kaliascopes, they take me back to my childhood196?..something”.


Take Care

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