The White Animals.

Snow Leopard.


White Tiger


                                                                                                      White Lion


                                                                                            White Owl

                                                                                                        White wolf


White Bear.



The white animals.

The white animals that reside in the spirit realms are of the highest order, and greatly evolved. They do a lot of work for the light and god and contribute immensely in helping us defeat the dark and guide us on the path to redemption. They will only assist those of us that are worthy, if you eat meat, it’s very doubtful any spiritual animal will come to your aid.

The white Lion is a protector of humans and comes to our aid in a time of crises. the White tiger, Camel, and Zebra are the highest of spiritual evolved animals and are almost gods and god like in stature and standing. The white Owl is the Christ of Animals and is t part of the Christ consciousness and has the power of prophecy and helps us see beyond fear and illusion, and deals with perception and has close links to the worlds is an attacker of the dark.

The white  deer embodies harmony and compassion and guides the King stag who fights ferociously when in battle. The white horses is of course one of the four horsemen in revelation. The polar bear offers us protection with its might claws and offers us warmth with its protective fur cloak.

All these animals are highly regarded and respected in the spirit realms, why man cannot understand this and do the same shows our lack of understanding and arrogance..begin to treat all animals with respect and love and they will come to your aid..they are courageous and beautiful and understand the light and god in ways few of us can ever understand.

I wash my clothes in “Tiger Clean” a new washing gets my clothes whiter then white and makes them extremely soft too.

Fun Fun

Love Love

Kindest Regards



One thought on “The White Animals.

  1. Well, I once came across a white cockroach, sorry, I had to kill it. Later on I learned that they actually turn white as part of their growing process, it’s like leaving their old shell, so they emerge white, but they turn dark again in a few days. Maybe I should be glad I killed it.

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