Art.Literature, Photography and spiritual joy

Hello                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Art literature, photography and spiritual joy.

The three mediums of art, literature and photography have the ability to communicate great spiritual wisdom,joy and pleasure. The author of a book or poem  is connecting to the spiritual energy that permeates through us, allowing the  writer to express their world in ink and words. The artist who starts from a blank canvas or board taps into that spiritual creativity that allows their hands and brush to roam freely as they paint and create the scene or portrait they wish to bring to life. The modern-day photographer uses their inner spiritual vision in trying to find that perfect picture that they feel shows us the oddities and unusual viewpoints of life. Then there is the joy that others get from the written word,the painted picture and the modern photograph. True spiritually aligned work gives both the creator and the reader or viewer a joyous, sometimes chilling feeling-allowing them to connect to the spirit of god.

Of course not all work is happy, bright,and positive in its approach,some are of the darker aspects of human nature, showing our more primeval side..this has its place as it shows our darker self and can help us learn and heal. The works however that rely on detailed graphic violence and obscene pornography show such disrespect to gods freely given creative spirit and are not produced from a creative enlightened stance, these works have allowed the inner darkness to prevail , and in any art form as in life itself this is not a path that leads to wisdom and light.

I send my love, compassion and respect to the creative people out there, and ask of them to create in grace, honour,love and respect for all things good and the spirit of life.

I am now halfway through reading a book about a painter, the book contains wonderful is called “The 3 in 1 guide to spiritual joy”.

Take care

Have Fun

Kindest Regards



3 thoughts on “Art.Literature, Photography and spiritual joy

  1. Thanks for your thoughts. Well written. Are you an artist yourself? As an artist, It means a lot that readers and viewers alike relate and appreciate our work, our truth, our spirit. Thanks, again!

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