Teddy Saves the Children



Teddy saves the children.

Most of us loved or still love teddy bears. They are lovely cuddly things that bring us great joy..espescially children. There exists in the spirit realms a huge teddy bear, it is beautiful and loving and shimmering in magnificent blue,s lavender and lilacs..he loves children and is their savior from paedophiles..It is this teddies  duty to wipe the planet clean of the evil  predators that pry on our young ones..He is the patron saint of children and will prevail.

Blue is the colour of healing and this teddy  will help heal any child who has suffered from such abuse. lavender, lilac and purple protect and help preserve..Nothing will stop this teddy from its duty..he is A christ consciousness for children I call it Jessie…or jesus..this teddy has already taken down thousands of disrespectful children haters..a big part of its work is to expose to us the predatory nature of the church and those within that organisation that commit such vile acts. I love this teddy and respect the two teddies I own with honour and love. Please give a teddy to our children ..it will help strengthen against predators of our young.

I can  seethe postman has a stranged wrapped parcel ..it has my name on it..I wonder what it could be?

Take care

Kindest regards


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