Book of Birds







The Book of Birds.


In a vision recently I saw a book lying on the floor, as I approached it sprouted wings and flew away. One of its wings was black and shiny like a raven, the other was silky and pure white like a dove..the book itself was around 3″ thick and dark ruby red..i breifly spotted the word “revelations” in gold lettering on the cover.


Transfixed by this flying book I followed led me down a winding path and to a grove that was filled with light and abundant and vibrant with natures finest plants, trees and animals..there were however no birds..the book circled and landed gently in the middle of the grove..I slowly approached it this time as I did the wings were no more..I reached forward and picked it up.


The book was old yet in mint condition..the word revelations shimmered for a moment then were replaced by the words “The Book of Birds”..a voice said..”revelations about birds are what are needed..take heed and learn.” The lettering was now soft and lilac and book was truly mesmering..I opned the page and gasp in awe as I saw the most beautiful,pages come to life.


The book had hand drawen and hand painted pictures of birds on wonderfully designed patterned pages..some pages had one bird only..others had several..there was doves, eagles,magpies,ravens,sparrow,s blue tits, green tits, and yellow,..chaffinch and finches in general..they were exsqusitally painted and drawn..I was mesmerised..whoever did this was a remarkable artist and could conjour with colours and lines of the like I have never seen before…I listened and where as there were no birds before..they were beginning to arrive in their droves..the sound was magnificent and the sight awesome…I learnt there and then that our birds are and have been under threat for some time..I now adore birds more than I ever did…and send my love and compassion.


It is surprising what is contained in the Holy book of only has to look.


I am now going to spread the news by tweeting on twitter..


Love you all


Take care


Kindest Regards









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