The Hindhu (Ramayana)




The Ramayana.

Although christened “church of england” christian…I am not of any firm religious belief. Certain aspects of religion are however helpful in helping one to understand spirituality..(not religion itself). One such related aspect that is  particularly interesting is the Hindu epic story of “The Ramayana” it is a classic example of spiritual fantasy and yet real in relation to our journey.

The story tells of how the Hindu god “Vishnu” had to take on the form of a man in order to defeat a demon called Ravenna. Vishnu is part of the Hindu Brahma trio..he is the preserver and protector of creation. Kalki is the tenth incantation of Vishnu.

What this shows is how man can  through the power of god and spirit use this energy to help overcome any demons that they may find within themselves..the power of light will if sufficient enough fry any ghouls and the darker parts of yourself will be bright enough for you to see and recognise, thereby aiding you to deal with them.

I like to make things like this known to show that it is important to try to know a little about most things related to spirituality and spiritual growth,most things related to this subject do contain some aspect of worth,by knowing a little you begin to know a lot..the majority of stuff however is often bunk hum and designed to control our spiritual evolution.. A simple rule to remember is avoid all ism,s just be careful and remain indifferent and aware..follow your own intuition..if done correctly it is never wrong.

The only ISM i follow ismmmm?..damn forgot.

Take care

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