The world of Trees

I love trees ,they have lived through and seen many things that we humans have no idea of. when you start to understand the true power and energy of trees you can be drawn into their world, they become real because they are living beings. Tolkien in “Lord of the rings ” cast them as treants, tall living beings that helped in the fight against evil and dark.

Sadly mankind has savaged many of these wonderful beings in its quest for idealistic growth and expansion. Add to this the savage attacks they have had to endure by darks ghouls and the trees have and a really rotten deal. but they are strong resolute entities that can teach us a lot. Druids look after  the trees and keep them healthy, and the sorcerers mentioned in Carlos Castaneda books understood them and work with them in their own quest for understanding.

I visit the wood as often as possible, nearly every day and I watch them and pray for them and breathe love to them. I sometimes when able try to blow away the ghouls that nest in them sometimes. I don’t know whether my actions help them completely but I hope it does. I am certain that I have made a friends with a few and often with their permission i hug them or place my head against them,even sitting against them helps you feel the soul of these truly magnificent beings.

I now know a little bit about them, but there is so much more to understand and become aware of…I am not a druid in the truest sense, but part of me bows in respect to these beautiful and wonderful kings and queens of the woods and forest”.

“If you go down to the woods today,you will have a big surprise”

Take care

Have fun

Kindest Regards



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