Straight and round


Straight and round.

The image above is the Celtic cross, it is a cross surrounded by a circle. In the inner world male thinking tends to be straight and linear like the two lines of the cross. Female thinking however is more round like the circle. male thinking seems to go on forever in straight lines always stretching forth and never quiet reaching its destination..much like the male ego, Female thinking being more rounded bends and goes back on its self, nearly always reaching its destination and conclusion. this is why women in general can appear to do ten things at once , while males can only do one or two before feeling frustration or anguish.

The complete Feminine energy of god however is both straight and is the entire picture flowing smoothly and seamlessly. All the Highly evolved beings seem to have this complete seamless geometricity  about them. Below is an image of a celtic cross fractal,

By way of example the male thinking is defined by the eight straight lines IE..North, North-East, East, south East, South,South West, West, and North-West.. the Females thinking is all the curves , bend and circles. The complete Feminine energy of god is the entire structure. Using this we can establish that in general men because of the their limited energy directions will find it more difficult to become spiritually evolved then women,it is harder for men to bend their thinking in the directions needed to evolve sufficiently enough to move forward..that dose not mean that men are less aware or perceptive then women, it simple means they have work harder and do different disciplines to women, in order to get their thinking patterns more pliable. A strong disciplined spiritual male will in fact have the ability to teach and guide women to even higher levels of awareness. Women however because of their closer affinity to the whole feminine energy can manipulate their energy more readily and easily, and therefore in theory evolve at a much faster rate, should they choose to do so?…interesting I think.

“I am not thinking straight today..sorry about having to go round the houses, it’s the feminine part of me fussing..LOL..”

Love you all take care

Kindest Regards



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