Eternal Gaia


Eternal Gaia.

“Tweet, tweet, chirp, chirp, …the sounds of birds”..”moo, baa,oink, cluck..the sounds of animals”..these are all my children and I will protect them “….echoes of earth mother Gaia. “I will endure their pain no more, my vengeance will be complete,I ask of mankind yet again..cease thy harm of my beloved..or answer to me.”

The beauty, compassion, and love of earth mother Gaia is beyond measure..she and her children have suffered much pain and hurt at the hands of mankind, this planet is under her protection, and she has sat back for millennia watching her children suffer, she is the Jesus and lamb of god to the animals,plants, insect, flowers,birds and tree,s, she has absorbed her children’s pain and agony, and cannot bear it any more…she wants her children to live in harmony and love and without fear from man..she is a force of life that is far greater than any man, and unless you change your ways..she will be forced to take action to protect her children…in fact she has already begun to do this…bring compassion, respect, and humility into your life..stop killing, eating or destroying this planet..respect Gaia and her children and she will show you compassion and respect and love beyond anything you could imagine..her feminine mother energy is something that I am in awe of, and I humbly bow to her love and honor her greatly..take stock now..a women scorned is not the path to go down.

Thank you

Love Love

Kindest Regards



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