The Insanity of the Ego


The Insanity of the Ego

Here are a couple of examples of the insanity and madness of the Ego.

  1. On a recent TV chat show, a guy was talking about how he suspected his partner of cheating. Both he and she were in fact married and having an affair..and the man suspected her of cheating with her husband…!!..This is so sad and shows how the Ghouls can affect ones ego into making such ludicrous decisions
  2. A flash city type banker was driving his top of the range sports car, he swerved to avoid an oncoming car, as he got out to berate the other driver, another passing car took the open door of the sports car right off..the flash city type  flew into a rage shouting “My car, my car, look at my door”..somebody remarked “never mind about your car and door, your arm is lying on the floor”..the city type looked down to see his arm lying there and screamed “My Rolex, my Rolex, look at my Rolex”…..pretty sad eh.

“remember EGO..means Edge God Out..E..G..O..the more ego you have the more you edge god out.”

fun, fun

Take Care

Kindest Regards



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