Keeping it Simple.


Keeping it simple.

Spirituality is dogma, no catches, no bulls….in its basic simplistic way it is our intuition, gut feeling, knowing from our heart.

You know when something is right, or needs avoiding, or needs doing..the difficult part is being able to keep yourself open to this continually and then when it does occur, act on it,  is never wrong.

A few regular disciplines is mostly all it takes to maintain this, and some trial and error, eventually you will be able to distinguish from the ego, ghoul driven ideas and emotions that you have, and the immensely fulfilling things you need to do and know that come from feelings , heart and long as you work on the graces of humility, compassion, warmth, and generosity, you will open up to and connect to spirit simplicity.

“simple simon met a pieman..enjoyed the pie as he sat by river, and missed the riot at the fair..easy peasy.”

Love Love

Take care

Kindest regards



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