The First time…


The first time..

My first sighting of the celestial light of god is beyond any words that I could write, humility, sorrow, compassion and how little I am are but a few of the things I felt.

The Lyrics to the moving and beautiful song “The first time I saw your face” Roberta Flack, reflect a strong feeling of this.

“The first time I saw your face” Roberta Flack..

“the first time I ever saw your face”

I though the sun rose in your eyes

and the moon and stars were the gifts you gave

to the dark and empty skies my love

“the first time I ever kissed your mouth

and felt your heart best close to mine

Like the trembling heart of a captive bird

that was there at my command my love.

“and the first time i ever lay with you

I felt your heart so close to  mine

and I knew your joy would feel the Earth

And it would last until the end of time my love”.

“the first time..the second time..the third time….time to play the song I think”

Love you all

Take care

Kindest Regards



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