Karmic Teardrops On A Rippling Spiritual Pond


Karmic teardrop On A rippling Spiritual Pond.

Even the smallest positive or negative energy change in our thought patterns can affect out personal karma, they are like tear drops on a karmic spiritual pond that ripple out into the etheric and beyond molding who we are and creating our earthly karma and fate. Most of our karma we can change, simply by becoming more humble, respectful and generous in all that we do, particularly to others, not judging them and let them live their lives, regardless of what they do..for ultimately their karma will return to them, bringing with it either negative or positive results, depending on the person, this will either uplift them or destroy them…their is nothing you can really do about other people’s karma and fate..so let them be, you can of course if you wish offer them advice if asked, and help them that way..but it is entirely down to them.

Some actions and thoughts however cannot be changed, they becoming torrential storms upon the river or pond and cause such disruption that they must be. Things like fanatical control and supporting laws that stifle freedom, acts of a despicable nature towards children, constantly ripping people off, and perpetual violence and harm to others,. small things like a minor hatred to somebody, will cause ripples on the pond, but if you correct yourself, and the thought fairly quickly with heartfelt sincerity , that teardrop will wash away the intent of the first, often not meant energy pattern.

Always try to keep your negative thoughts and actions minimal or not at all..which is extremely difficult, if you do or think something harmful about others, repent it as soon as you recognise it and follow it up with loving act or thought of kindness and blow it love..in the evening pray, humbly asking for redemption and recognising  what you did as a mistake or rash act of ego led lies. The spiritual energy and fields upon  fields of light energy and love recognises and responds to sincerity, humility, and respect…

I love you all

Take care

Kindest Regards




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