In Honour of my wife and the feminine spirit.


In honour of my wife and the feminine spirit.

I am honoured to be able to serve as a spiritual warrior for my loving wife Mary, as her male companion I help protect her, guide her and serve her when she is in need. Mary straddles both the bubble 3D reality and the inner worlds, she is loving, caring, generous.,humble on one hand, yet scared and vulnerable on the other.  It is in these times that I am there for her.

In the eight years we have spent together she has taught me so much about the gentler, kinder, side of  femininity, as well as the fiery, wise,stronger side,for this I am ever grateful, and I send her my heart-felt love. She is my own personal micro representation of the feminine spirit..through her and the blessed virgin mother Mary, my love, respect, honour and compassion for the  females of the planet can be expressed.

By connecting with the feminine energy of the world female I am able to enter the inner worlds and immerse myself in the infinite beauty and awesome power of  light,jesus, and god..which is the overall feminine energy of all..through this I am blessed by more and more understanding of this unspeakable compassion,love and unity that spreads beyond anything anybody can imagine. The male yang energy which most men use to prove themselves is a small part of the Yin female energy…it is the feminine energy that is averything..the male yang is only a part of that energy, and not seperate..the male energy is really quite passive, and sits quietly in the corner ready to assist its bigger, counterpart. Which is in fact the whole. On a spiritual energy level, the female/ feminine aspect could be refered to as god itself..carrying within it the qualities of the male. Men in general need to understand this, and stop wallowing in their own egotistic pride, strutting around as if  they have been given the right to control everything. Women who have travelled the path of male power in order to promote equality etc..have let their ego,s run amok..a balanced male or female individual has no need to want to prove themselves, or control anybody..just be and step inside the vastness of the feminine energy and be humble, respectful, and generous.

“I guarantee I get a lot of male in the morning..thats if the Postman decides to deliver”.

Love you all

take care

kindests regards



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