The Eco System


The Eco System

Through the way we live we have damaged the eco system  and the way it works. Every time we bull doze land, the forests, rainforests,pollution, use pesticides on crops, mine for gems and gold and use excessive fresh water we destroy the delicate beautiful balance that is gods creation. We need to let nature take its course.

Lets take the food chain for instance.

There are four main components to the food chain

  1. The sun: This provides energy for everything.
  2. Producers: These are the green plants and others..they produce their own food by using the sun to do this.
  3. Consumers: These are everything that eats something else to sustain itself. These include Humans, animals that eat plants,animals that eat animals..Parasites, these live off of other organisms by harming them..Scavengers..animals that eat dead animals.
  4. Decomposers: These are mainly bacteria and fungi..these convert dead matter into gases like Carbon and Nitrogen and release them back into the air, soil,or water. Fungi break down dead organic matter..without decompressors the earth would be covered with deadly unhealthy rubbish.

As said we affect the food chain by spraying pesticides, by breaking one link of this chain all the others get put in danger of extinction. The food chain provides the energy that all living things need, including us to survive..we must protect it.

We have already slaughtered the carbon cycle chain by destroying the rainforests and other vegetation..0ver 40% of the rainforest have been lost through mankind’s is all so sad, and most of it is needless

Hello..hello…hello..seems i have got a eco right here.

Take care

Love you all

fun fun

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