The Caduceus

The Caduceus.

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In this time of turmoil, and cleansing of humanity and the planet, many of us still if they choose have a chance to heal and redeem themselves. The healing energy of the Christ consciousness has descended and is available to all of those who seek it and align themselves to it. The symbol of the Caduceus as long been associated with healing and medicine, it was the staff bound with the serpent  that the Greek god Hermes the winged messenger carried.

The healing serpent is actually the cobra of the Hindu god Vishnu , the healer of all animals, the cobra is often misunderstood, and twisted by the black magicians and others to represent evil, when  in fact it absorbs all evil and helps cleanse. The medical profession still use the caduceus as their symbol today. The willingness to heal yourself is probably the most important decision  any of us can make at this time, a vast amount of humanity have ghoul possession, causing us illness, disease and madness..when possessed we act demoniacal and our anger rises and we lose control, or we seem to be in control, when in fact we are burning inside, our spiritual order fractal codes get disrupted and we become easy pray for the forces of dark.

Look within and you will know deep down that no matter how good and right you  might seem, some form of darkness and ghoul possession still exists, drop the ego pretence and recognise this, only then can you realistically begin to agree to heal yourself, through this recognition and agreement true healing can then come about, until then you leave yourself exposed to changing healing and destructive elements that have to happen in order for mankind to reclaim their true spiritual identity and awareness and this planet  to cleanse and rid itself of the poisonous evil that is destroying it..if you remain unhealed you probably face a very rocky future..our so called bubble 3D reality is unraveling and very little will remain stable, unless you are sufficiently healed and aware and balanced enough, and protected against this.

The compassion of god, Gaia,Jesus, beyond words. the forces of healing light will aid you, but you  must make the effort and move towards them..only then will they come to you.

Take care

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