Order and Chaos


Order and Chaos.

When you begin to see with heightened perception and awareness, and see with your feelings and intuition, you begin to sense the difference between order and chaos, particularly in other people. As I have mentioned before most of humanity are tainted by ghoul influence one  way or another, it’s just the varying degree of taint that differs. Those of us that have a high infestation of ghoul possession and chaotic taint give a nasty odour, and their aura is grey, green, or pus coloured,and filled with fuzzy specks of chaos. Other less tainted beings smell cleaner, and their aura is more brighter and a sense of order can be seen, and when watched you can see other more tainted beings firing greenish, yellow, black globs of chaos at them, trying to disrupt their ordered fractal codes, so that become more vulnerable to ghoul possession and control.

Watching this can be scary, but also very interesting and enlightening , although the vast amount of mankind are tainted, the taint in around 70% of us varies from minimal to say 30-35%..this will affect your decisions , health and emotions to situations and others if left unchecked, that is why it is vital to put into place various degrees of protection, of which I have written a lot about in previous articles..without repeating to much of what I have written before,,things like the use of Lavender oil, chamomile tea, vegetarianism , walks in nature, prayer, meditation, refraining from dope, pornography,etc, etc..all these things help. You are under constant attack from the ghouls and their agents, and you need to protect yourself  from these influences. Always check within and align with your true feelings, dispel any immediate thoughts  judgements or reactions you  might have about others..imbue your life with honesty,humility, respect and honor for yourself and others, live and breathe love as much as possible..avoid contact whenever possible with mass crowds, and watch for any attacks directed at you.

Most of other 30% of mankind work for or are totally controlled by ghouls and the fascism that controls nations, they crave domination, riches, control, and care little about others, even their own cronies , avoid the trap of self-importance and egotistical demands..I doubt very many if any of this 30% will survive the impeding collapse..the dark base has been weakened considerably and as it collapses, they will become more fanatical and scared, and will bring in even more draconian laws to try to save this false reality from collapsing..they will fail, but many will suffer with them, unless you as  a light being, take the action and steps needed, your chances of avoiding this chaos will be slim…protect yourself and encourage your children to do the same…the new  light order is coming, sweeping away the dark, gray nastiness and vile shenanigans of chaos.

“My order of a vegetarian meal in a meat restaurant  caused chaos..funny eh”

God Bless

always have fun

Kindest Regards



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