Where is Safe?


Where is Safe?

I often talk about being safe, and moving to a place of safety. The reasons behind this are that mankind and this planet are going through a unparalleled spiritual cleansing and change..the reality as we know it is collapsing as earth mother Gaia, Jesus, the Hindu gods, and beings of light are washing away the filth and degrading energies of darkness and evil, that currently exist on this planet. As this happens many humans will suffer and perish as a result, simply because, they will not have the spiritual awareness, perception or enough humility, grace and compassion to survive in a completely different world. They will panic, go mad, or plead with the authorities to help them, this will not be possible, because it is the authorities of man who has actually caused the problem, and they have to be taken out. The elite corruption is beyond redemption, the only person who can save you is with the grace of god you, if you so choose. Nations will collapse, the financial system will end, there will floods, earthquakes,tsunamis,s volcanic eruptions, hurricanes, and all manner of turmoil as this change happens..so where will be safe?.

The majority of chaos will hit the major cities , so common sense tells you that is where you do not want to be, places inland or of a higher altitude will be safer, as these will be less affected by floods. Another obvious is avoid nations that have a high earthquake status or volcanic eruptions. Some countries will have more chaos then others, America, Mexico, Brazil Argentina,Japan, and middle eastern countries, Australia will face massive floods and fires, New Zealand will have earthquakes and floods..so try to avoid these places…In truth the safest place is within your heart, inner safety is the best possible route..enclaves of hidden Camelot type places will emerge in their hundreds throughout the planet..these are places where those of us who are safe in our hearts will be able to sense, see and enter, special places designed to home and protect those of us that can take the planet to a newer level after the turmoil.

I love humanity and have a deep compassion for every human regardless of there foibles, i love the mad, the funny, the insane, the clowns and the devils..wether I like them all personally is irrelevant , because in the end you have to let people face their own fate and karma..i offer my articles freely and with the hope that come judgement day..some of my readers understand and move to safety and a better more spiritual way of life..I cannot save you..but I can offer the tools and hope you decide for yourself to take steps to save yourself.

I love you all


Kindest Regards



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