Intellect, Knowledge and wisdom

Good morning

Intellect Knowledge and Wisdom.

The difference between intellect and knowledge is Intellect is what the ego uses in trying to  show us it is right and we use it to convince ourselves or others that we know what we are doing, it is mainly stuff we have made up to boast our ego or learned in books etc. Knowledge however comes mainly from our own experiences in matters and often taking many days,weeks,months or years to acquire. It is gained through trial and error,mistakes embarrassments and toil.

Heres a piece of wisdom for you..”We do not know more than anybody else,we simply know differently.” I do not know more than any of you . We all know different things that’s all. In general there will always be a cross-section of things that we all know..the rest of our stored knowledge however will vary to one another. So by approaching a problem or issue in life  using our knowledge and not our intellect draws upon our inner resources and experiences to solve it and if you do not then know how to ,you then lack that particular piece of information or experience with which to do so..which is wisdom in itself.

Wisdom is inner knowledge that cannot be fully understood by the use of the intellect . By listening and watching that within ourselves and the spirit realms you gradually gain insights and bits of knowledge that may seem confusing at first , that is the intellect part of you trying to make sense of it.If you are patient however the pieces of knowledge will come together like a jigsaw allowing you to become that little bit wiser. when it does use that knowledge

I am now going to have a conversation with my wise old owl.

Take care love as always

fun,fun and more fun

Kindest regards




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