There are two different types of karma that we have to deal with. The first type is personal karma, this the type that most of us have heard about . Basically it is this, whatever you personally put out into the world comes back to you in your life, be it through relationships,money,health or events that happen to you.  IE..if you promote greed, anger,disdain and terror through your thoughts and actions the events in life will show up as this..because time is different in the spirit realms, this sometimes takes a while to reflect itself..I read somewhere it can take up to three years..so something negative could happen to you today, and you might think..why has this happened to me?..what you need to understand is, something negative  you did or thought sometime ago,,anything up to three years, may have only just returned to you.

This type of personal karma however we can change and control  fairly easily by the way we think, act and do. Simply put, if you do or think  90%or so love, compassion,Affection and help others whenever possible,,and avoid deliberately harming people, your personal karma will reflect that. By going inwards and looking at your darkness you will soon see your worse traits and can therefore change them accordingly.

The second kind of karma is rather more difficult to embrace and change. This is what is known as your tribal or national karma. This the karma that has been built up other the years by your nation..Ie America, England,Japan, Germany etc..You are linked to your nations karma simply by where you are born. part of the reason that this karma is more difficult to alter and understand is because it is hidden in history of that nation, and its present day ways. You firstly have to identify the Karmic traits of your nation before you begin to then change your views and thoughts.

America for example..their main karmic traits are over consumption,greed,and excessive profits. These are three main negative karmic forces at work in America, If you agree in principle to these things because you consider yours American you will suffer these negative karmic traits in your life on top of your own karmic traits. to avoid your nations negative karma you must go in the opposite direction,,Ie agree to consume less, be generous, and be contented with a smaller profit..You can see how america is now beginning to suffer from its bad karmic traits..there national karma is now hitting and the nation will not be able to avoid it…American people can if they change and act differently to their own nations karma. A lot of americans may have to move to avoid this..but if you are connected to your nations spiritual soul..you will know when this has to be done.

You can discover your nations karma by listening to what the ruling and financial leaders tell you. And by listening to your ordinary people, what stuff have they be told that keeps them nationlistic..what stuff keeps being spoken about etc..when you finally discover this you  can then begin to deal with it…mainly by thinking and doing the exact opposite.

One more thing karma goes round and round and round and round and round…..

Thanks..love you

Take care

Kindest Regards



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