Barclays Bank(more trouble)…lots more more on the financial horizon


Barclay’s Bank (more trouble)..lots more on the financial horizon.

Barclay’s Bank one of the largest in the UK have just been found out by the FSA, for illegal activities with regards to interest price-fixing. They have been fined and further investigations are being made, this will probably expose a lot more banks involved in this. this along with the downgrading of British  and European banks recently and the  Nat West Bank further proof of what I have been saying since I started my blog about the financial collapse.

This financial system is on its last legs and it will fall, along with pensions funds, people’s personal savings, and investments..there is a lot more trouble on the horizon….and I urge you one more time to keep your hard-earned money safe by either buying gold..and I mean gold bullion..or coins , and keeping at least 6-12 months salary in cash at hand under the floorboards, where you can easily get at it…when the crises really hits all the  thousands, millions or billions that you think you might have  will be worthless, will sink with the banks and investments houses, being heavily invested in property and mortgages will mean cannot spend a house that nobody can buy..and relying on pensions..government or private will not mean anything as the money will not there to pay you..liquidate everything into real cash or gold now..and do not rely on this system any longer to look after your interest..its is corrupt, immoral and being taken down by the forces of is run by evil people who want to enslave you…take responsiblity for your own wealth.

Love you all

god bless

kindest regards



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