The Divine proportion.

The divine Proportion


mathematics is closely linked to spirituality in so many ways. It can be used to work out the patterns of our spiritual make up as in the  fractal codes that define us, and in the understanding of the 26 different dimensions known to man, and many other uses. the most astonishing number of all is PHI it is known as the divine proportion..PHI=1.681 to 1. It the number many scholars use to describe how nature works.  Dan Brown explains the “divine proportion very well in his book “The Da Vinci Code”. Below are a couple of quotes taken from that book.

“In a honeybee community, the female bees always  out number the male exactly PHI..IE..1.681 more.”

“take the measurement between your shoulder and your fingertips then divide it by the distance from your elbow to the fingertips it equals PHI..1.681. this image will help explain.

No matter how tall or what shape we are..this measurement is exactly the same on all of leg to foot/knee..or hand to fingertips/joints..try it on yourself . But that’s not all this number is relevant  in all of nature..the petals of flowers in comparison to its stem is PHI…Leonardo Da Vinci knew this and used it in his painting of the Vitruvian man..the perfect human

Only a wonderful organised power could  create something in such symmetry..the universe as created by god..such simplicity yet incredible in its design.

“When having dessert I always take the divine portion..IE..1.681 bigger then anyone else,s “

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