Death and Rebirth


Death and Rebirth.

We die and are reborn many times over. I am not talking about a physical death, I mean a mental, spiritual death and rebirth. We are more aligned to the tree,s and plants in nature then we realise..the trees,s and plants begin to die in the autumn and are dead by the the spring they begin a rebirth and by summer are flourishing and reborn..a constant cycle of death and rebirth.

The death/rebirth cycle is part of our spiritual growth(the discovery of things about yourself and beyond) the death of things that are holding us back or tired and worn into things that are more nurturing and wholesome. The demise of old business concepts, as we modernise or adapt our thinking..the ending of one  relationship leading to the beginning of another ..all these things are deaths and rebirths..we become more aware and perceptive on our spiritual journey..we have to die in order to move on.. old ideas and concepts do not last forever.

The aching, longing for change (any change) IS YOUR INNERSELF ASKING TO DIE! it can help you move into something new..and when you do you feel fresher, livilier and indeed reborn. so don’t be afraid to die-be joyous and embrace rebirth.

I died when I started writing this…only to be reborn halfway through at the excitement  of my next blog.

As ever Take Care


Kindest Regards


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