Diana: essence of feminine spirit.


Diana: essence of feminine spirit.

In Roman mythology, Diana is the goddess of hunting, the moon and birthing..Diana literally means “heavenly or divine”. she had the power to talk to the animals, and is associated with woodland, and the animals..in Greek mythology she is known as Artemis.


Images of the goddess Diana.

In 1961 the world was blessed when baby Diana Spencer was born, she went on to become Princess Diana a member of the British royalty. She would have been on 50 on July 1st  had she not so tragically been murdered by the controlling ghoul influenced elite. Diana was a beautiful feminine inspired person who embodied the spiritual feminine divine of god..she cared about humanity and despite her own personal suffering and unhappiness she served the British people and humanity with great compassion, grace and humility.


Images of Lady Diana

This woman was as her name states w divine and hevenly..and on august 31st 1997 she was taken from us..since then Britain as descended into more and chaos…when the truth about her death emerges..which it will…the British people will take stock and move towards a more divine inspired energy..it is when V returns with the feminine heart and energy of the British People (see my posting V for Vendetta)..on that day..all those evil beings that have conspired and hurt and disrespected the ordinary uncorrupt souls of Britain and beyond will face their merciless karma…Diana I send you my utmost love and compassion..we miss you.

My love and best wishes to you all

Kindest Regards



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