America: Uprising.

Last night a gunmen shot and killed 14 people and hurt many other at least 50 at a premier showing of the new “Batman ” film in Denver. America is becoming an ever more dangerous place a hidden but soon to be revealed uprising is taking place,the hard root people of America have had enough of the federal Reserve and “Ben (T) Bernanke” and The New York Puppets” that run wall street, and America,s financial system. Obama has let the people down and the Zionist are getting ever more powerful:  but inner belief and Spirit and the basic trust Americans have in matter how misled or confused it might be..are fighting back…soon my friends..It would be wise to avoid going to America , if you are already then do so..but trips in six months or so..might not be a good idea.

“Still if Mr Bernanke survives he could always take his “New york Puppets” on a world tour singing songs like “Money, Money, Money”..”Money makes the world go round”..”Gold”..etc, etc.” he might  make a few quid.



Take Care

Kindest Regards



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