It,s A Feminine thing..


It.s A Feminine Thing.

Sorry guy,s `the male power ego trip is over..masculinity in this false materialistic world is falling apart..the lure of fame and fortune and control are uravalling…the concept of gods power, beauty .compassion and humility is contained in the whole which is a feminine energy and power..mans essence the male thing if you like is part of the whole, thus contained in the female energy of god itself…therefore men who embrace the femine graces become more  beautiful, strong and beneficial to not only themselves, but women, children and the overall spiritual evolution of the planet.

Many men find this hard to understand and take..if as a man you are struggling with this idea, then your male ego is probably more in control then it should be. Men should not be afraid of the feminine offers  light, spirit and freedom and an understanding of love that men otherwise cannot has nothing to do with losing your fact it strengthens who we really are.

On the other side of the coin..far too many women in today’s society have moved away from their pure feminine self and danced down the path of masculinity..trying to bash men or beat them, or compete against them..using the tools and traits of male based energy to do this and in doing so have instilled within them a more ugly aspect of themselves..this is sad..everything good in this world comes from the feminine side of softness,  warmth, understanding,compassion, humility, joy and love..not from harshness, aggression, or coldness. Men attributes are in the strength they are able to offer women, when needed, the rock that supports and aids, and protects..not superior or into game playing to prove himself..but somebody who embraces the feminine spirit and uses it to enhance those around him…it is wonderful and joyous to be caressed by the female energy and the goddess.

There are of course less subtler sides to the female energy as well..when any of us male of female offend and abuse this energy, it strikes back with a vengeance that is far stronger,powerful and destructive than anything known to most of mother Gaia has this power, and we are in the midst of her using it to reclaim her planet..not our planet..remember that..we are only resident here….embrace Gaia and her planet and respect our host.

“AH a female postie…sending me plenty of Mail..I will letter carry on doing her wonderful work”

Love you all

Take Care

Kindest Regards



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