Wells (somerset) Uk..a deeper insight.


Feeling relaxed and refreshed after short break.

Wells (Somerset) UK..a deeper insight.

Wells in the county of Somerset  England is the smallest city in the Uk with a pop of around 12,000. It is a medieval city known as the city of springs, its wells are known to have curastic powers. saxon King ine of Wessex founded its first Minster church there in Ad704. The Wells are located in the Bishops place which is a moated building and open to the public. The Well spring water come from high up in the Mendip hills and flows in troughs throughout the cities high street..the wells themselves are wonderful to look at and very calming…it is among one of these wells that a anomaly to a another safe dimension like a camlot exists..those who are trained and highly and  have acute perception of such things will notice a slight shimmer and should be able to see a radiated arched doorway omitting from the location..its is places like this that will take us to safety and protect us when all else falls apart..there are dozens world wide..and more and more are now apperaing..train your eye to perceive such places..they are found everywhere, including built up areas in cities, and in the most unlikely of places..follow your  nose, smell and sight..and you will be led…

“all,s well for now”

Take care

Love Love

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